Nancy Duval




Introducing Nancy Duval’s international best selling book, Whispers From Beyond. This is an inspirational journey that leads the reader through heartbreaking grief and loss. It teaches them how through perseverance and living with gratitude in one’s heart, one can survive loss. It also showcases Nancy’s personal Spiritual journey to becoming a medium.

About Nancy Duval

As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, international best selling author and medium, Nancy Duval wears many hats. Born in Toronto Ontario, Nancy grew up in Penetanguishene on the shores of Georgian Bay, with her mother and younger sister. In her early twenties, she met her first husband and together they started a family near Toronto. Over the years, Nancy experienced tremendous loss – her father in 2013, her first husband in 2015, and most recently her sister in 2019. Through grief emerged Nancy’s spiritual calling. After countless hours researching and training under renowned mediums, her journey as a soul blossomed. Nancy now practices the Laws of Attraction and lives with gratitude for life’s simple gifts. She can often be found journaling affirmations, meditating quietly, or providing private readings for clients. As an author and medium, Nancy Duval draws strength from both family and spirit on her mission to inspire others.

Dealing with the loss of loved ones can be incredibly difficult for anyone. Nancy Duval has given us, through her personal experience, hope with the knowledge that just because someone has passed from this world, that doesn’t mean they’re gone.

Nancy’s story spoke to my heart…

“Nancy’s story spoke to my heart. I believe in the afterlife, and I love how, in ‘Whispers from Beyond’, Nancy shares how guidance from loved ones in spirit has helped her make some life choices with confidence and faith. We can all learn to do this and Nancy shows us how. A wonderful read.”

—Pauline Rohdich (Bestselling Author of “Just Trust”)

I enjoyed reading this story…

“I enjoyed reading this story of personal loss followed by personal gain. Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the fog to the clarity that lies on the other side. Nancy Duval’s story is as inspiring as it is fascinating, teaching us that just because a person’s physical body is gone doesn’t mean they’re not here with us, watching us, loving us, and sending us hope.”

—Ana Parra Vivas (Multi-Award-Winning Author,  I Trust My Inner Voice)

Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the fog…

“This is a touching story of personal loss followed by a beacon of hope. ‘Whispers From Beyond’ is a book that tells of the many transitions that happen, both in this life and the next, and I believe that many people will connect with Nancy’s story. We’ve all felt loss at times, but this book gives new hope and positivity! Highly recommended.”

– Sandy Alemian, (Spirit Medium, Life Coach, International Best-selling Author)